First Public Writing Acknowledgement

First off, writer groups are awesome. If your not in one, then you are missing out on a lot. Such as friends, support, motivators, beta readers, fans, and more.

A month ago at a Mountain Scribes meetup event, my friend Tony (blog link) suggested we run a flash fiction at the near end of our meeting. He selected the Horror Scribes' Fright Cards Competition on Dante's Nine Circles of Hell. We had just enough time to write for two of the areas, Treachery and Fraud, as a group. Tony encouraged us to submit stories for every one of the nine levels. He submitted to all of them and is far more great for it. I wanted to finish, but like everything--it was left not finished.  

On March 28th I signed into Facebook and saw my name tagged in a post in our group. 

I had made the "shortlist" for the final winners selections. This was my first opportunity to win a writing competition. I've entered a few in the past, flash fiction here, little short story there, but nothing got noticed until now. I was and am very excited to have this recognition from Horror Scribes.

Today the final winners were posted. I didn't make it into the winners circle, but, to be honest, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I learned a lot from this lesson, but my number 1 take away is how awesome my writing group is. To be encouraged, supported, and celebrated even with a little successes, makes me very lucky.


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