A Writer’s Character Sheet Template

I recently updated my Scrivener to version 024, which included templates, and decided I needed to create my own character sheet template.  I searched the Internet using my favorite search engine and found about 3 helpful sites relating to character templates.  I’ve listed these reference sites below and I appreciate their knowledge on this topic.
Italics is used to represent sample data or to provide input details.  Click here for the actual Scrivener Character Sheet for download CharacterSheet.docx (18.81 kb).


<Character’s Full Name> 
Nick Name(s):   Gender: Male
Age:   Birthday/Year: 10.3323
Marital Status: Single Spouse:  
Language(s):   Place of Birth: Planet Barenth
Friends/Allies:   Enemies:  
Beliefs/Religion:   Career/Past Careers:  


Hair Type: Wavy Eyes:  
Hair Color:   Sight: Glasses
Skin Color: Dark Brown Complexion/Facial Hair: Full Beard
Height:   Weight:  
Physical Faults/Tattoos: Scar above left eye. Physical/Mental Health:
Race: Clothing: First appearance outfit.


Parents/Guardians:   Siblings:  
Siblings/Step family (copy and paste below for details on interaction with each family member)
Descriptive relationship with character:  What are the statuses of the character’s relationships with each family member? Is this character dead? Is there calm or conflict? Why?


Hobbies: Sword Fighting Natural Talents: Finger Painting
Temperament: High Good Qualities:
Lifting Weakness: Temper
Dreams/Life Goals:
Speech Patterns/Frequently Used Phrases:

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Loves: Dogs
Dislikes: Tomatoes Loathes: Skinny people.
Fears: Tight places Bad Habits: Nail bitter and grunts frequently
Turn Ons: Turn Offs: Skinny women and short hair.

Personality Traits Scale

Warm 0 ----------------------------+----- 10 Cold
Outgoing 0 -----------------+---------------- 10 Shy
Spender 0 ------------------+--------------- 10 Saver
Optimist 0 -------------------------------+-- 10 Pessimist
Easily Provoked 0 -+-------------------------------- 10 Easy-Going
Tough-minded 0 -+-------------------------------- 10 Tender-hearted
Leader 0 ----+----------------------------- 10 Follower
Arrogant 0 ----+----------------------------- 10 Humble
Happy 0 ------------------------+--------- 10 Discontent
Impulsive 0 -----+---------------------------- 10 Thoughtful
Conventional 0 -------------------+-------------- 10 Radical Thinker
Emotional 0 ---+------------------------------ 10 Rarely shows emotion
Perfectionist 0 ------------------------------+--- 10 Sloppy
Risk-taker 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Cautious
Charismatic 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Aggravates People
Late 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Early for Appointments
Efficient 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Inefficient
Team-oriented 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Prefers to work alone
Quiet 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Loud
Subtle 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Direct
Selfish 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Selfless
Go-getter 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Lazy
Heroic 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Cowardly
Takes things at face-value 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Reads between the lines
Tries to Please People 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Doesn’t Care What Others Think
Responsible 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Irresponsible
Enthusiastic 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Unexcitable
Systematic 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Scatter-brained
Happy-Go-Lucky 0 ----------------------------------- 10 Serious
Reference links:


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