Operation Bitter Frenzy

For TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge Science Fiction/Fantasy. I started this a while back on another challenge about a title generator, but I never got past the first two paragraphs. It’s a little story about a military super soldier.   Operation Bitter Frenzy The winters chill ran over my skin as I exposed my wrist watch to check the time.  I tried to shake it off, but it was of no use the goose bumps trickled up my forearm and seeped through to my bones.  “I hate the damn cold.” I muttered hoping for a sympathic ear, but there was no one around to share in my misery.  My missions are typically solo, since no one can keep up with me, however I am still connected through my tracking chip and the comm system attached to my ear. "Orion, stay focused. The patrol team should be approaching your position." Lt. TJ Hanks's voice always made me want to clear my own throat, just to see if it would make him sound less congested. I slowed my breathing and concentrated and did as I was told.  I focused my sight, smell, and hearing sense.  I wouldn't be able to use my telepathy until they are within ten feet. "I can't sense them yet, but I may be hearing them. It could be just an animal."  I doubt it. What animal would be making noise in this cold weather?  I hated the cold, but I wonder if that is my choice or if it's part of my genetic make-up.   "Hanks, I got a glimpse of the child a couple days ago.  Is it true that she can read minds farther then me?"  I was created in a lab, carried by a surrogate mom, and bread for medical research and military application.  I was to be a super soldier.  The second child like me, they named project Athena, wasn't created.  Her father had inadvertently exposed her to the same alien chemicals that ran through my body when she was eight years old.  The military took possession instantaneous and have been testing her abilities for the last year. "They are preparing her to move her to a separate location.  We don't want all our eggs in one basket." "But is it true?" I wasn't going to let up.  My abilities have been stable for 5 years now.  We suspect I have reached my highest achievable strength.  I stopped having seizures.  My body is able to repair all minor damage and most critical issues, but if I took direct damage to the brain, it would be lights out for me.   I experienced a great deal of pain over the years while learning what I am capable of.  I honestly didn't want the government to create another me, but now that Athena is here, I'm glad that I'm not alone.  "Yes, but only by another twelve to thirteen inches." I could make out the sound of boots pressing into new snow. "I hear them approaching from the south.  Intel was right for a change, they deviate their surveillance routes.  Lets hope they are also correct about the timing." "Let them pass, then start your timer, and go steal us some highly sought after secrets boy." "I'm older then you Hank." I hated it when he called me boy.  "Not when it comes to perception. Now focus and check in once you are inside." It's true, I looked 15, when I'm actual 38.  Self repairing does wonders for the appearance. The security team passed and I was off, using my speed and dexterity to move quickly down the icy slop while covering my tracks.  I reached the alcove by the side entrance within three minutes.  The next part of the plan is to push security into opening the access door.  I hated pushing, it always left me with a headache and a dry mouth.  Thank god Athena hasn't shown any signs of this ability.  As much as the government liked it, it wasn't easy and it had costs.  In the early testing days I had several migraines for two weeks, almost forgot took a life when I linked while they were eating, and turned a man into a vegetable. Finding the closest guard was the easy part.  Reading that he has the teen 'Call Me Maybe' song stuck in his head, I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud, was also easy.  But pushing was the ability that I struggled with the most. The movies had it all wrong.  It wasn't squint your eyes, wave your hand, and speak the desired command.  Pushing require a commitment to the host's body and a persistent connection.   I tried explaining it to the scientists as drawing a line between two points, pushing an freight train down that line to break through at the other end, and then lifting heavy objects to get what you want.  At the host end every action came came with a 40 pound weight, but I gain access to all speech, hearing, vision, and motor control.  I peered through my hosts eyes, found the door buzzer, and pressed it. Moving my own body during the connection was twice as difficult as controlling the host, but I had to be quick to open the door and slip passed the hall security camera.  This was a stealth mission and I couldn't get caught, on tape or in person.  Not that they could hold me if they did catch me. I used the guards eyes to find the screen showing the hall camera and time the interval between panning and camera change.  Six seconds is plenty of time.  I rolled my body through the entrance hallway and into the security room.  I could feel my body melt from across the link, I was happy to be out of the cold. Releasing the link was the difficult task of the entire process.  Once I disconnected from the host and was back on the line, it had a tendency to snap away throwing me back into my body with force.  I positioned the guard away from my body and emptied the ammo from his side arm.  Later he'll just blame old age for forgetting why he did that. "I'm in."  No response. "Hanks, I'm in." "Hanks!"  the static noise clicked on, indicating they were still on the line. "Orion," Hanks voice was fighting with shouted orders in the background, "there has been an explosion at HQ. Abort your mission and ..." "Hanks?" I pressed my comm piece into my ear "Hanks, I didn't get that last transmission.  Abort and what?" The line was gone. What had just happened?  I dropped the connection with the guard, stood up from my position, and walked out the door.  Letting my adrenaline and anger help me through the pain in my head, I bolted at the entrance door breaking it from it's hinges and shattering the one way glass window across my path. "Hanks, I'm on my way.  Do you copy?  I'm on my way."

Every Other Vampire Story

This morning I was inspired by a “Just the opening line” flash fiction challenge by Chuck Wendig over at   I had just been thinking about that on my drive into the office.  Where does this new dream start.   It’s not quite an R dream and I won’t go into details here, but there is a lot of mixed desires in it.   Here is the opening line I submitted at Flash Fiction Challenge: Just The Opening Line: “After loosing everything last year, I never would of thought that my nightmare inspired screams of torment would change my existence again.” Is it catchy? The story is a combination of elements from every other vampire story out there, however don’t loose hope there is one part that is original (at least I think so).  I’m not going to write the story out here, but I will give you a little tease by providing a partial summary. After loosing her family, June threw herself into her hobbies.  Surprisingly it wasn’t cats, but technology.   She turned her small apartment into a Smart Home of sorts.  She used open source bits and pieces.  Along with Kinect and multi-touch technology, she was able to setup a fully functioning security system that included automated answering services. This is where the dream started and I became a little obsessed with the technology, but I’m saving the Smart House blog post topic for later.   I started to get bored with June hanging in her Smart House isolated from the world, so I threw at her some strangers. June had a nightmare about her family drowning and awoke screaming desperately for help.  She could not get back to sleep, until she put on loud metal music and pushed the ear buds into place.  She soon fell back to sleep with a pillow over her head. --- At the front door of June’s house two officers approached, called by a worried neighbor.  The door scanned the closest and found them on file as an officer and granted emergency access levels.   This gave the cop the ability to view the house plans and camera’s from the front door touch panel.  It also gave them the ability to override the lock controls and enter the house. They knocked several times and even tried the open communication feature to call out to those within the house.   When they got no response they started looking through the camera views.   They saw June in bed, unmovable, with a pillow over her head.  Worried that there may have been a homicide the cops entered her house, approached her room, and carefully pushed the pillow aside. I am officially getting into to much details so I need to step this back a level. --- June awoke and kindly explained to the officers about her night terrors.  She fixed them a cup of coffee and let them tell her how wonderful her Smart House is.  Officer Sullone and Officer Larkin looked like brothers, with their blond hair and high check bones.  June felt the attraction to them, but ignored it just as she had been doing for a year.  As they were leaving they exchanged looks and a node from Larkin.  Officer Sullone took a hold of June by the wrist and quickly twisted her around so that she was now between the two of them and her back pinned against Sullone’s chest.  He pulled at her chin to extend her neck and whispered in her ear to sooth any words stuck in her throat.  Office Larkin leaned in and took a long sniff of her neck line.   Then placed a small kiss near her jaw.  Sullone released his grip, put catching her before she fell further to the ground.   June had lost her footing with that kiss.  The two Officers proceeded to leave to file there reports regarding her incident, leaving her completely baffled. I just want to write the whole story, but you don’t have time to read the whole thing.  So here is the REALLY summed up version. The officers are vampires. June smells really good.  They collected her and bind her (means they own her).  They decide to enter her into the vampire court auction.  She causes a ruckus.  She is sold to be killed.  King vampire spares her before the end.  He reads human minds.  She is re-bound to the King.  She gets spoiled, but causes war.  Her independence and blood changes the hidden vampire world. Death is only the beginning! Right?

My Introduction to Flash Fiction

Being new to NaNoWriMo means I’m also new to the fans, other writers, and motivational resources. In my social interaction I came across a website titled Terribleminds. This guy tells it like he sees it and doesn’t hold back the profanity. I like him and will most likely check in on his blog for years to come. He recently put out a challenge for a 100 word flash fictions with a focus on the writers choice of using one of these five words; frog, powder, seagull, tower, and scissors. I thought, why not, and gave it a try. I quickly picked a word and went to town. I’ve never written flash fiction before, but doing this challenge enlightened my day, so I did more the next day and then the day after that. I did this until all five words were used; the last entry was Black Friday morning. Mr. Chuck Wendig, author of, offered up a winning prize for what he believes is the best one. I would be thrilled if one of my five made it, but I wouldn’t be a bit sad if they didn’t. [More]

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