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Where to start?  The best place is for me to explain why after blogs have been popular for so long did I decide to start now.  I've always been full of ideas, stories, and technical opinions, but I've never been motivated to start sharing.  I always figured my view was not distinct, that people wouldn't be interested in what I have to say.  Lately I've been obsessed about an idea for a book I'd like to write (no spoiling it until it's I've actually finished).  I've been trying to motivate myself to start writing, but haven't found the time or the drive.   I am also afraid that my ideas or stories could one day bring a real profit and I don't want to risk sharing it to find out someone did profit on my idea.  So why now? I am tired of holding my creativity back.  Even if the world doesn't care I still want to shout out at it.  My thoughts are becoming more and more impressive as I get older that if I don't share them they might lite me on fire. Please bear with me as I transition into the world of blogging.

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Hi, I am Jamie McCoard (also known as Tevyn or JMcCoard). This blog is about my thoughts and dreams towards becoming a published writer.  It's a long term goal.

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