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 All right, it has been a while since I posted and I’m sorry for that. Writing doesn’t pay bills for me, at least not yet, so it hasn’t been at the front of my priorities. I did, however, have an experience that change my writing world this month, that I want to share. This month the local writing group that I was in, AHA! Scribes, disbanded. Mainly due to extremely low participation. I was committed and so was the group leader, but it seemed like we were alone.  I wanted to keep some sort of writing motivation so I had a choice, I could create my own writing group. I could probably get some of the writers I meet through NaNoWriMo, the Eastern Panhandle group. This would require a bigger commitment from me then I am ready to make right now. This left me with finding something else to help me keep writing. I searched for other local groups and when I couldn’t find them, I looked for online groups. That’s when I came across Writing.Com.  I don’t know much about it, but on the front page they offered reviews for writer and works for readers all for free. I gave it a whirl about four days ago from this posting. I signed up and created my first “static item” or piece of writing (I used a revised version of the Plastic Doll Pageant that I had been working on). In the mean time I searched through the list of reviewable content based on genre type and submitted 4 reviews on that first day. I received Gift Points (GPs), a type of tokens used in the site to help promote rewards for reviews. The GPs work like money and let you buy badges for pieces that you like a lot. Reviewing soon became addictive (especially if I could find short pieces). They have paid memberships that let you do more in the site, like saving templates to help you review better, more storage space, and better organization tools for your writings.  Overall I’ve been having fun using it and interacting with other members (everyone is very kind), but I wonder if somewhere there is a bad side to this site that I just don’t know about. It seems to good to be true. Does anyone out there have advice they can offer me on the usage of Writing.Com and its seriousness as a tool for supporting a pre-publish work?  My port: http://writing.com/authors/tevyn

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Hi, I am Jamie McCoard (also known as Tevyn or JMcCoard). This blog is about my thoughts and dreams towards becoming a published writer.  It's a long term goal.

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