[SKY] Pain and Darkness

    A sharp pain along my right side pulled me out the darkness. The pain turned into an excruciating prod, while I found my voice and let out a scream. I took a deep breath to cry out more and with it inhaled smoke. I coughed trying to get at cleaner air. Red, orange, and grey clouds danced across my vision, nothing was clear. I reached with my left hand towards my aching side to stop the pain, but my hand stopped halfway there to be pinned back to my side.     “Hold still girl, it’s almost out,” an unfamiliar voice said.      I turned my head to look at the source of my pain, but before I could focus, the darkness surrounding my vision increased taking me with it.   [Author Notes]: My premise for all things [SKY] is simple: "What if an alien infant girl was dropped off on Earth (as it is today), was raised as a tool/weapon for the government, but was freed from that life--via an accident--when she was 16? What would/could she do?" This will be Urban Fantasy and I have no idea where it is going (and it's going to stay that way).  You get no promises.   In this piece, I attempted to focus on: descriptions

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