//TODO NaNoWriMo 2012

I’ve been thinking about NaNoWriMo and listening to the chatter.  My friend Maki recently posted his thoughts on it (NaNoWri…No?) and it sounds as though he is likely to participate but doesn’t know which story line to approach.  Unlike, him I am more hesitant to start on the same old, but know I should. I left off last year at only getting about 15k words written in my Enderlace novel, which means I still have a lot more I can write there.  I probably will continue with that and will let you know my progress.  I’ve created another stats page NaNoWriMo Stats 2012 for tracking. In other writing news:  I plan to join up with a local writing group in Charles Town, WV called AHA! Scribes.  They meet once a month and my first meeting with them is the second week in November.  I’ve told them how utterly green I am when it comes to writing.  I am excited and looking forward to a way to work on my skills. NaNoWriMo Stats 2012

Something Old: Filiaoflogain

While looking through old files I found a character background I wrote for a DnD character. I haven’t taken the time to re-edit, I thought it would be neat to see it in it’s original form.  The image art was also created by Jon Maki of Heroic Portraits. Enjoy!   Story of Filiaoflogain   Logain, a 6,000 year old sorcerer feels the years coming to a close and wants to pass on his being, but not to just anyone.  He takes a sample of his own blood to the Plane of Fire and appealed to the Mephits to raise a daughter for him to pass his knowledge.  After much persuasion they relent and grant the sorcerers request.  However, not all in either order were pleased with the mixing of the races. Logain took his daughter, he named Filiaoflogain, home and began passing on his knowledge.  While she appeared to be mostly human, she has the wings and powers of the Fire Mephits. She also has claws and ears somewhat smaller then a true Mephit.  She was quick to learn and eager to demonstrate her abilities.  Logain was patient with his apprentice but encouraged to take her time in her studies.  Shortly after her birth, Logain received an amulet.  While he was concerned, he continued to tell Filia as she was growing that it is an ornament and of no power, however he kept it around his neck and never removed it.  Her curiosity was aroused however and she often gazed upon it, but never getting a good look. About 16 years after she was given to Logain, Filia got restless and wanted to branch out on her own.  Logain warned her of the dangers of the world’s prejudices about mixed races and mephitis of this plane.  After a heated argument, Filia left her father and set out to see the world.  A few days of traveling went by and she found herself at a small town.  Upon entering she was ridiculed.  In her rage, she unleashes several bursts of fire, and then fled from the village in fear of herself.  Disheartened and confused about her identity, she decided to go back to Logain's cottage.  About a half mile from the cottage, she heard or rather felt an intense explosion.  Fearing the worst Filia raced to the cottage, only to find it in ruins.  Overcome with grief, she scantily noticed laughter, and turned her head towards the sound’s emission to find a shadowy figure leaving the scene.  She tore the remains of the house apart, but found no sign of Logain, except for the amulet, which appeared to have been intentionally hidden in the floor trap where she kept all of her secrets growing up. Filia was startled because she knew he would not leave behind the amulet.  As she studied the amulet she spotted a faded inscription around the edges, but only a few letter were discernible “SI M R”.  In the middle of the amulet it appears to be a map. Filia, still recovering from her grief vows to find out what happened to her father. She instinctively knew the answer was related to the amulet and set out to decipher its secrets. She scoured the rubble of her former home looking for anything else that could help her and that is when she came across a partial talisman that had almost the same look of the amulet’s map. She headed out to find answer and wisely chose to bypass the local town where she had been ostracized previously. She headed to the next town of Belkin. Her first stop was the town’s library. She asked the librarian if she could tell her anything about the amulet, but when the librarian saw it, she screeched “Child, get out of here, and never show that to anyone!” She tucked the amulet safely into her pack and headed to the cartographers house to show him the talisman. He looked at it, and explained the map on it was near the town of Simmur, and the seal on it was that of the Archmage Gralman. She leapt to her feet, grabbing the talisman and ran from the building. The cartographer was screaming a warning to her, but she was too far gone. She needed answers. What happened to her father? Is he dead? What does this amulet mean? She was taken to the Archmage Gralman directly when she showed the amulet to his acolyte. He eyed her mysteriously before handing it back to her. "If you wish to learn, you will go to this address and present them with this letter." With that, he handed her a letter ordering that she be accepted into the group and await further instructions. His acolyte escorted her to the door of the tower and left her alone in Simmur.

What is a Thoughtful Dreamer?

My friend, whom I call Maki, recently posted on lucid dreaming: Even In My Dreams.  When I read this post I couldn’t help but think that this is exactly how I dream every night.  He wrote “The thing I've always seen about lucid dreaming is that the key is planting some sort of idea in your subconscious that will, when it appears in your dream, clue you in to the fact that you're dreaming.”  When I’m going to sleep at night I always start by focusing on a story or an idea.  I concentrate on it so hard that I don’t fall asleep right away, but I do start to daydream.  I have a very active brain.  It often gets to the point where I ask my good husband to take a frying pan to my head to make it stop thinking.  By concentrating on one idea/story it helps me to calm my random thoughts and achieve ‘peace of mind’. When I read over this next sentence from his blog I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “For my part, what I've found to be the surest indicator that I'm dreaming is that somehow everything is even more of a pain in the ass than it is in the waking world.”  I find this very true, but even more so with stories.  I keep repeating the scenes over and over to make minor adjustments, but I never finish them.  It’s only in the waking world that I can actually fill in plots and adventures.   I start thinking of other scenes to the story and that becomes the next evenings calming entertainment. This is what I call a thoughtful dreamer.  My thoughts encourage and somewhat control my dreams.

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