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What have I been doing with my summer?  Have I been writing? Now that summer is beginning to end and the kids are readying for school I reflect on what I’ve be doing this summer. Writings In Order of Creation: Detective & The Telepath – Outline of Short Story (Completed 3,527 words) A story about a government telepath, used for espionage and interrogation, that is on vacation.   The telepath, female, is not on vacation long when she is found by an old acquaintance and is asked to help locate a missing girl with the local police department. Detective & The Telepath – First Chapter (Mostly done 1,432 words) Silver, a telepath, gets pulled over on a routine traffic violation.  The officer is directed to bring her into the station.  She recognizes the Captain as an old friend.  He begs her to help him solve a missing persons case that he has a gut feeling could be messy.  He teams her up with his top notch detective Alex, who doesn’t really know what to think of Silver or how she is going to help them.  The case is solved quickly, but not nearly what they expected. Auction Night – Part 1 (Completed 4,204 words) I shared this story with my local writing group (AHA Scribes) and received awesome feedback.  This is a spin from my blog post Every Other Vampire Story.  It is a story of a woman, Jun, who grew up with a fear of people (crowds).  She was found by two vampire twins and taken before their community to be auctioned off as a prized blood bag.  She gets set a rank by the ruling King who takes special interest in her.  Auction Night – Part 2 (Just started 10 words) This is the second half where we end up learning who won the auction that purchased Jun.  We will also learn what makes Jun so special. Operation Elementary – Dream (In progress 473 words) An alien in human form is a spy for the U.S. government.  She is in Iraq working to find a terrorist.  She takes a shot to the head, is captured, and taken to an enemy compound.  Several days later her body heals enough for her to revive and escape.  However, she was still weak from days of torture and the bullet still stuck in her scull, so the enemy was able to chase her across the desert.  After two days she spots civilization, a small town, and hopes to find help.  She runs down the street towards U.S. solders and is saved.  (There is more magic/abilities that go on in this story then I tell you from this description, but I’m not writing this post to write the story).  One of the Generals that she reports is air lifted in to the U.S. base that she was escorted too and orders her to annihilate the enemy compound of her captors.  He brings a team with him that know her abilities and they head out to complete their mission and hope that the terrorist that she was originally looking for is there. Unnamed – High School Empathic (In progress 960 words & more to come) She, an empathic with additional elemental abilities, was forced to commit murder in the name of peace, but the blood on her hands she can’t get away from.  She goes back to High School for the Senior year in hopes to help her find forgiveness and morality.   She is convinced that the carefree and innocence of youth will restore her sense of responsibility.   She isolates herself from the other students until, a student falls down a flight of stairs and she saves him in secret.   She heals him and he befriends her, drawing her out of her shell.  She has never had a friend before, what she was always prevented it.  Will they make it work? Unnamed – A group challenge from (In progress 314 words) Our AHA Scribes group leader recommended that we all participate in’s competition that ends the first of November.   The starting first line is I came of age in a time of no heroes.  I have started down the path of a science fiction story of a futuristic world where humanity is completely altered by science.  A young man brings hope back into a society that no longer needs it. ** You may have noticed the lead female characters bleed into the other stories.  I haven’t been writing as much as I hoped, but I have been trying to get my routines adjusted to make the time needed for writing.  I have been actively participating in a local writing group and they have been so helpful in teaching me what’s good.

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