This is our new Flash Fiction challenge, inspired by Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge.  I encourage everyone to join me in creating flash fictions.  In one week, Monday Noon EST to Monday Noon EST, we will write five 200 word (or less) short fictional story based on each of the five random words below.  These words are created using a random word generator Creative Random Word Generator – 5 Random Words.  This should only take about 10-15 minutes out of your day, but it will help kick start your creativity.  I’m asking everyone to join in, even if you are very young or not interested in being a writer, you can still be creative.  Try not to go over 200 words and keep the random word prominent in your story. 5 Random Words: scaffold necklace briefcase cactus guide My 200 word stories will be included in the body of this post throughout the week.  Please add yours to the comments of this post.  If you have a Twitter account then use the hash tag of #1Week5Words to signal that you’ve completed one short.  Unfortunately, there will be no prizes or winners for this challenge.  Everyone who contributes the five stories is an automatic winner!  Those who try, by creating one or two stories, are winners too.  However, they are just not as cool as those who complete the challenge.  No judgments here, just creativity and motivation to write. Scaffold Little Eleanor clung tightly to the scaffold outside their small China Town apartment in hopes that the consuming fires within the building wouldn’t force her to move.  Her knuckles turned from yellow to white while holding onto her pole.  Boom! Eleanor screeched and tried to move away from the window that had just exploded three feet away.  The debris flew out across the scaffolding and onto the street below.  A fiery splinter from the windows frame landed on the other end of her plank.  It burned into the wooden beam and the fire started too crept towards her tauntingly.  Eleanor moved as far as she could away from the heat and looked around for any hope of escape. “Hold on to me.” She looked around to see a masked woman dressed in black, floating in the sky, with her hands stretched out. “It’s going to be alright.” Eleanor nodded and released her death grip on the scaffolding.  The stranger carefully picked her up and took her slowly to safety. “My parents are still in there.” The little girl pointed up to the burning building. “Can you help them?”  “I will try.” Briefcase (a little dark) Movies frequently showcase explosive devices within briefcases.  Looking at it I guess it is really about mobility.  The other three bombs were wrapped in brown delivery boxes that I had carefully planted around Central Park.   The park officials had installed several new camera in attempt to catch me.  Just yesterday they announced to the public that the park was officially closed, not that anyone was actually visiting anymore.   I had made sure of that when I killing four people.   They didn’t understand.  I had no choice, the area needed to be cleared out for tonight’s visitors.  The alien aircraft should be entering the atmosphere soon.  I just needed to delay the SWAT team that now surrounded me.   The thumb trigger should keep them from shooting, but to bad I didn’t bring ear plugs to protect myself from their shouting.  It was the typical words. “Get down on the ground.”  “Put your hands behind your head.”   Crack… They’re here. I looked up to see a large cloud cover over our heads.  It was filled with glowing lights of red and yellow.  It’s time for my last explosive.  “Goodbye, you torturous animals!”  Click.

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